the process

Natural light and taking an artistic, photojournalistic approach has grown to be my style. I strive to create an environment that is comfortable and approachable to get the most genuine and authentic moments captured. I'll give you as much or as little direction as you need to make the most out our time together and of course have some fun in the process (I do cry if you happen to get mushy on me too)! 


I'm an extroverted intravert (I love people but I also LOVE alone time with a good book or some Netflix marathons), addicted to coffee, own and help run Vinyl Record Pressing with my husband, try to paint as much as I can, take way too many photos of my son, scroll through Instagram like it's my job, love succulents but still can't keep them alive, and... sprinkled strawberry frosted donuts.

Photo by Zia Alexander Berlin.

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