about me


I'm Maria Berlin and I’m a wedding photographer based out of Northeast Florida. Since I started this business, I found that it's easier to be myself than try to keep up with a curated, fluffed up version of what I'm not. That’s really what drives what I want my work to represent too. This is a people business and I want the photographs I take to bring out the most authentic representation of everyone I get to work with. Weddings became an instant favorite of mine to document because I loved getting a sense of the couples I work with through the personal touches of their details, the way they interacted with their family and closest friends and their own representation of what “reception” means to them (ranging from an intimate, cuddly gathering to a full on MTV Spring Break Cancun debauchery.) I live for it all and I want it all.

what to expect

I am an over-communicator when it comes to this process. I don’t like grey areas (who really does?) so you won’t be left in the dark with me. I’ll go over everything candidly from contracts and pricing to how I handle every step of the process, including the wedding day. This is all I need from you: Give me all the details, your vision, your expectations and your hopes so that I can fully connect with you and your plans and deliver something that’s beyond what you would have imagined. I want to be there for you in the best way that I can so the more you spill your guts to me the better.

A few of my favorites to help us connect: I love people but I’m an introvert at heart, a good whiskey cocktail, all the coffee, donuts as a novelty and as a food group, I'm awkward in FRONT of the camera (good thing I work behind it!), The Office is most likely on while I’m working, I own and help run a vinyl record pressing company with my husband and our best friend, I’m an occasional cusser but I like to feel out the room first just in case, enneagram 9, wannabe “cool” mom to a 6 year old boy who is way cooler than me.

i want to know more about you! reach out here.

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