about me


It’s important to me that there is a level of connection and comfort between us. after all, YOU'RE NOT JUST ASKING ME TO CAPTURE MEMORIES. YOU'RE INVITING ME TO BE alongside you, sharing IN your experiences DURING THE BEST moments OF YOUR LIFE.

So here's a few things about me:

1. I'm an artist at heart. I started selling portrait drawings in 5th grade of my classmates for 50 cents a pop (I know, pricey!). Drawing and painting are my first loves. Photography came along with the birth of my son, Zia, 6 years ago. I wasn't interested in overly posed trends and photos that looked like anything I could google. I wanted to capture the messy, real life moments in our imperfect, lived-in house and the raw emotions of our (screaming baby!) well-loved family. After I shot my first wedding, I fell in love with capturing details and moments and hanging out with amazing couples who valued being present in their experiences so I narrowed my focus to that. To me, you can find art wherever and whenever you can be still to observe it and acknowledge it. It doesn't always have to be controlled and contrived.

2. I just want to be legit. I want to be a legit photographer, artist, businesswoman, wife, mom, and all of my other adjectives. Part of that is the desire to always be in learning mode for all these things and to have the honest confidence to put my knowledge to use. Not to mention, I have an LLC, insurance, contracts, pay taxes and invest in industry standard gear and software. Does that make me a great photographer? No...but at the very least it makes me a legit business, and that should be important to you too no matter who you choose. 

3. I am who I am. I found that it's easier to be myself than try to keep up with a curated, fluffed up version of what I'm not. When we meet for coffee or work together, what you'll get is a hidden introvert who is excited to meet new people but eager to listen and find out who you are and what your vision is. I'm all about communication because leaving grey areas terrifies me and I'd rather you and I discuss everything up front so the expectations are clear and we're both confident in our collaboration. Other than that, I love alone time, a good whiskey cocktail, all the coffee, donuts as a novelty and as a food group, dinner/house hangs, board games, and photobombing with wildly insane faces.

Photo by Jonathan Grant Berlin

Photo by Jonathan Grant Berlin